Natalie Indigo Klco, LMP Car Insurance Massage, Bellingham Whatcom County, WA

Licensed Massage Practitioner, Reflexology, Insurance Massage

Massage for Relaxation

Relaxation Stress Relief MassageMy intention when giving a massage is to create a quiet, safe space where your body feels “listened to”. From that place we work together to achieve your goal for that session. How are you wanting to feel? More relaxed, more flexible, lighter, less stressed, in less pain? We can make it happen!

I have had a variety of teachers over the years and so I draw upon a wide variety of styles when customizing your massage for you. Whether you prefer a light rhythmic touch that puts you in a trance or very deep pressure that melts those hard to reach knots away, I will find the style that works best for you.

Are you one of those people who think it would take nothing short of a miracle to feel better? Well, I have had massage clients say that I am a “healer” in disguise! Of course, the truly magic thing about massage is that it reminds your body that YOU are the healer. When your body is relaxed and not preoccupied with dealing with stress, it remembers what it needs to do to get you feeling your best. As a massage therapist, I create the space for this to happen, support you, and from there miracles are limitless!