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Reflexology Accupressure BellinghamRelflexology (sometimes referred to as acupressure) is a healing modality that is used to treat illness in the body as well as increase energy and vitality. It can have a very pronounced detoxification effect. It cannot be used to diagnose illness, so please be sure to see a doctor if you are unsure what the nature of your illness is and you are concerned. Reflexology is 100 % safe with no side effects and can be used in conjunction with any other medical treatment. It can help support your body as you undergo other forms of western medicine treatment.

I was taught a very specific style of reflexology from the world- renowned healer Dr. Chandel. Originally from India, where he was presented an award from Mother Teresa, Dr. Chandel has been practicing in North America for many years. I met him when he was practicing locally in Blaine, WA in 2000. For more information on Dr. Chandel and on the health benefits of his style of reflexology, check out his website at

As many of you know Dr. Chandel has moved from Blaine to California, but the power of his method is still available here in Whatcom County! Schedule a session with me. You won't be disappointed!

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