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Massage Covered by L&I Claims

L&I Massage BellinghamIf you were injured at work and have filed a claim with Labor and Industries, did you know that you are entitled to FREE MASSAGE? As part of the L & I claim that you file, massage is covered 100% as long as you have a prescription from a doctor for massage. This is a tremendous benefit that not even health insurance can match. Most people who get massage visits covered through health insurance still have to pay a copay of around $20. Through the L & I claim, you pay nothing!
Massage can help you recover from the injuries you sustained at work. Massage has been shown to be helpful in reducing the time it takes to recover from low back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, and more.

Some people who are injured at work feel the effects in their body for years to come. Typically, on the job injuries involve the back and are difficult to resolve with just physical therapy. It does not have to be that way! Experience how helpful massage can be in releasing the painful knots and trigger points that go along with a typical work related injury. Most doctors are familiar with and supportive of massage therapy in the treatment of injuries. Ask your doctor for a prescription today and get on fast track to recovery!

Once you are getting regular massage for your injury, you may notice that you feel better after only 3 or 4 sessions. Some people make the mistake of discontinuing massage at that point thinking they are recovered. Feeling better, although considered progress, does not mean that you are healed yet!! To be truly healed of an injury, you should be able to maintain the progress that you have made for several weeks. The person who stops the massage therapy after 3 visits is highly likely to experience a set back or a “re-injury” again in a few weeks, often triggered by something as innocuous as turning your head a little too far or sleeping wrong. These re-injuries can be just as painful as the original! To truly benefit from massage therapy and get long term lasting results, stick with it for at least 12 visits so that your body is being supported as it takes the time it needs to heal. Massage supports this process by:

1) Increasing circulation and blood flow to injured areas
2) Keeping your muscles and soft tissue lengthened so the muscle memory functions at the full range of motion
3) Breaking up scar tissue and adhesions, which also encourages full muscle range of motion (ex. Being able to turn your head all the way to the left as far as it can go)
4) Releasing painful knots (called “trigger points”) as soon as they form so they don’t become chronic problem areas
5) Promoting a deep sense of relaxation so that your nervous system can realign (being injured at work is stressful after all!)

How do I get started?

What to do if you are in pain after sustaining an injury at work:

1) File a claim with Labor and Industries at your work place.
2) Make an appointment with a doctor to have your injury diagnosed.
3) Ask the doctor for a prescription for massage. Request that the prescription is for at least 12 visits with no time limit or expiration date. This will ensure that you are able to schedule your massage appointments at your convenience without having to rush through the treatment plan or experience the hassle of seeing the doctor again just to renew the prescription.
4) After you have completed you massage therapy sessions, see your doctor again to report your progress to them.